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Trust Specialists in Medical Imaging for Definitive Radiology in Galesburg, IL

When it comes to providing the best in radiology in Galesburg, IL there is only one team to call for your needs – Specialists in Medical Imaging.

SMI is a collaborative team of some of the top board-certified radiologists in the Galesburg and the nation. As a result, we have specialists that work in every area of diagnostic and interventional radiology. Consequently, our staff of specialists can help you, whether you only need a yearly check-up or require emergency radiology.

Our Promise to You

  • Compassionate Patient Care: We know that these tests and treatments can be stressful and scary. Hence, our doctors make sure that you are comfortable and understand every step of the procedure. Because you want to know what to expect, you can count us to inform you every step of the way.
  • Quick Turnaround: The hardest part about any medical test is waiting for the results. Since we realize playing the waiting game is stressful, we get your imaging reports done fast. Therefore, you can count on our full team of experts who put procedures in place to get results to you quickly.
  • Innovation: Radiology is a constantly changing field. At Specialists in Medical Imaging, our staff is constantly learning. This lets us stay up on all the latest research and treatments, so we can provide for all of our patients needs.

Where are We Located?

We can be found at hospitals and healthcare facilities in Peoria, IL, Pekin, IL, and Galesburg, IL. For radiology in Galesburg, IL SMI is the team that Galesburg Cottage Hospital trusts to diagnose and treat their patients. They know that our top-rated doctors will provide accurate diagnoses and expert treatment. Visit us at:


Galesburg Cottage Hospital
695 N Kellogg St
Galesburg IL 61401

(309) 345-4219

Contact Specialists in Medical Imaging

For the best in radiology in Galesburg, IL, and first-class care, contact Specialists in Medical Imaging !

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