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Trust Specialists in Medical Imaging for Expert Radiology in Peoria, IL

Specialists in Medical Imaging provides the excellence in Radiology in Peoria, IL, that patients trust.

Our collaborative team contains some of the top board-certified radiologists in the area and the nation. As a result, we have specialists that work in every area of diagnostic and interventional radiology. Therefore, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can help you. To that end, rely on us when you need your yearly check-up or require emergency radiology.

Our Promise to You

  • Compassionate Patient Care: We know that these tests and treatments can be stressful and scary. For that reason, our doctors make you comfortable and ensure you understand every step of the procedure. Since you want to know what to expect, we keep you informed and arrange the care you need.
  • Quick Turnaround: Because the hardest part about any medical test is waiting to find answers, we work efficiently. Therefore, our team of experts puts procedures in place to speed up the process. For that reason, we get you results fast.
  • Innovation: Since radiology is a constantly changing field, our staff is constantly learning. As a result, we stay up on all the latest research and treatments. Consequently, we can provide for all of the needs of our patients.

Where are We Located?

SMI  works in several different locations at healthcare facilities including throughout Unity Point Health. You can find our offices at:

  • Methodist Hospital Department of Medical Imaging
  • Methodist North
  • Proctor Hospital
  • Proctor Outpatient Imaging
  • Kindred Hospital

Contact Specialists in Medical Imaging

Since you want the best in radiology and first class care, contact us today. In addition, you can reach us at one of the following area locations:


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